I’ve written it a couple of days ago. On average we have 67 readers of our adventures every day. We think that it’s pretty much for two simple people like us. Of those 67, about 5% translates our stories using Google Translate. And I know, that Google does a very bad job at translating Englisch into Dutch. So, to my idea, it is only fair to write one story in English for those 5%. And the other 95%? Well, use Google Translate, or do it yourself.

We left for this years trip on September 10th. We flew to Denver, and just after we arrived in The Mile High City, we picked up our car. The CD’s with Yellowstone Music were still hidden somewhere in our suitcases. Result: We turned on the radio, and the first song we heard, was Radar Love. Performed by the Dutch band Golden Earring. Great song, so turned up the volume and enjoyed it.

Today…. Last day of this years trip. Another great trip I should say, with many highlights and lots of nice suprises. Moments I will never forget. People I will never forget. People like Hans. The guy we met when we were in Cody, together with Rob & Tracy, at the Dug Up Gun Museum. Marieke hold his gun there, and now she wants to fire a gun one day. I know for sure, that dream will come true one day. Places, we didn’t expect, such as the Painted Mine Area, close to Colorado Springs. The pictures we made there don’t represent the beauty of the area, but it’ll be on our minds forever.

Also weird, is the fact that we know now for sure, that people don’t look at us if we were some tourists. Tracy said it to us, back when we were touring in Yellowstone. Since that day, people had offered a job to us. People asked us how they should drive to a particular place. People asked us, what they should do in the area, because they were only there for one day. People asked us, where the closest 7 Eleven was. And last but not least, this morning, during the first flight of today, a nice woman, asked at which part of the West-coast I live, and if I was originally from The Netherlands. Well, in the last part she is absolutely right, but I’m sure, my accent sounds very different then the people at the West-coast speak.

To make a long story a bit shorter. Since the day we arrived this year in the USA, since the moment I hear the song Radar Love, I can’t stop thinking about another song of the Golden Earring. The song they became famous (at least in The Netherlands.) with. I think nobody of our foreign readers know this song, and I also think a lot of Dutch people don’t know the song either. ‘Back home’ it is.

Back home….. As much as I love to travel around the globe. As much as I love to see new places. As much as I love to learn new things. It always feels good to be back home.


But if somebody asked me, I would leave next Monday for another 4 week trip. Hawaii sounds good to me…..

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Rob & Tracy
9 jaren geleden

Let me know the dates, and I’ll book it… I suggest Maui. And, if you come here 1st, Marieke can shoot her guns before we go.