We were out on a hike today, together with Team Pair-O-Dice and TheBrunsli. AKA as Rob & Tracy and Arne. Arne is the German exchange student who is staying at Rob & Tracy’s place until February this year. I”m sure he’ll remember the time he spend in the US as one of the greatest time of his life. He’s so lucky to he has the chance to stay at their place. Also R&T are lucky with such a nice and polite guy.

But the hike. We’ve talked together about Etsuko for months through e-mail and Skype. Etsuko is an imagenary person, which we’ve created together to hide a geocache out here in the USA together. We”re sure it will be one of the best caches they ever seen around here. It was a nice hike, and we’ve had a lot of fun hiding the stages.

Voor degenen die ge?ntereseerd zijn, er komt een Nederlandse vertaling online. Wellicht binnen enkele dagen.